Helene Pors

About Me

About me 

there is beauty in simplicity


My husband and I have lived in the exciting city that is London
from 2010 till 2017.
2013 was a good year for me,
it was then and THERE that I started a photography course
at the London School of Photography
and I got hooked.



Different courses and workshops followed.
Slowly I began to develop my own style
dark, moody, simple…
capturing the BEAUTY of still objects.
Delicate flowers, the softness of feathers,
subtle coloured ceramics, the rough texture of wood.
I absolutely love playing with them.
Adding light,
and for me ever so important….using its shadow
that is when the magic starts.
It is like adding a bit of mystery to the scene.
It will not come as a surprise
that I am in awe of the painters of the Dutch Golden Age
their use of light and dramatic shadows
….so very stunning.
All this provides me with endless inspiration
Being able to bring all these elements together into a composition,
….I found my passion!



Capturing stillness…..for you…..
I would love
to see my photo prints in your special place,
your home, your office, your quiet place.
For this I aim for them to be of
timeless SIMPLICITY.
My photos are made with passion
and I am convinced they will bring something unique to your interior.
Still life photo prints
that you will love for a very long time.
For sure!
Hope to hear from you, Hélène Pors